Monday, January 31, 2011


OK ladies! It's time to embrace the Jeggings trend sweeping the fashion world! Why? Because they are incredibly thinning and flattering on most everyone! YUP! We said it and we mean it. We sell FLYING MONKEY Jeggings and have had so many customers love how they look and are often surprised by how flattering they are.
They are flattering because there is less fabric to make you look heavier then you may be. (Trust me I've had three kids and am not a zero (granted the photo here she is but oh well lol) or anywhere near it! But they make me look like I lost ten pounds.
Come into BOHME today and try on a pair! They layer amazing under tops because they aren't bulky so you can use them in place of leggings and enjoy the denim look instead.
You will be pleasantly surprised.... :)

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