Thursday, January 20, 2011


What's staying hot and what's the newest denim trend coming for Spring/Summer 2011???

Last years denim was all about the Boyfriend jean and it's polar opposite the Skinny jean, but this years trends bring in a lot more variety when it comes to our  beloved wardrobe staple. Don't give away your Boyfriend jeans or your skinny's because they still have their place, but add a few new styles to the mix.  
Denim has become an art form and you can see that denim artistry is in the mix for next year.  To help you  out we at BOHME are letting you know what's going to be your best picks for staying with the hottest trends, and choosing the best classic denim that will last you years to come.


1.  Wide legged denim is back. We thought we lost them back when we lost TV shows like "Charlie's Angels" but they are here again and making those of us who wore them way back when want to disco, but I digress...welcome them ladies with open arms! They make your thighs look thinner! The only one's who really shouldn't wear them are those of us who are shorter (they won't do you any favor's in the height area!) Wear them with heels or flats.

2. Classic crisp denim is also back! (Don't give up your distressed jeans though ladies. Like the odd couple: Boyfriend and Skinny, opposites attract and both are still hot this season.)
3. Artful denim is the newest trent to hit the runways and to spice up our wardrobes! The quirkier the better. What a fun way to shake things up! Come on now.. be brave!

So there are a few peaks into what is coming up this next season in Denim!
Come to BOHME for our wide selection of Jeans and enjoy the upcoming Spring Season in a new pair. 

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  1. Can you purchase Bohme jeans online? Do they ship to Canada?

    Thanks in advance, Kathy