Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to wear colored denim

One of the big hits this Fall in fashion is bright colors! While the fun subdued Autumn palette of burnt orange, neutral green and other standards of Fall are still hip, add some fun brights to your wardrobe to stay current. 

Confused on how to pair bright colored denim in an outfit? 

1. Pick a color you can see going with several items you already have. Below we have spotlighted our
mustard yellow denim and you can see how many different ways you can wear them!

2. Pair the bright denim with a less garish top. While you want to tie the pants into the look, you don't want to be bright head to toe! 

3. Wear a scarf or other accessory that has that same bright color in it in a pattern etc. 

4. Don't be afraid! So many of us are too shy about what we wear. It's OK to get noticed! Especially when it's for looking super fabulous in bright hip and happy colored denim :)

See our looks for our yellow denim below: (Currently in the stores we have Red, Blue, Yellow and Green)

Paired with a beautiful green printed top,
the addition of the yellow belt ties it 
all together...
Pair the denim with a complimentary color.
The yellow orange print also ties it 
I love this aqua top with the denim!
Adding the neutrals in the boots
and leather jacket makes the outfit
more sophisticated...
Paired here with our Navy trench
and navy and white striped top brings
these bright colored denim to 
a nautical feel! We love it!
The top and jacket are available


  1. Thanks for doing this post!! I just bought the green pants in your store and they are super cute. Do a post on the green pants for ideas please!!! :)

  2. I went to the store in Orem today and they didn't have my size for the yellow jeans I want them SO bad if there is ANYWAY I can get them ordered in my size please let me know! cori_fox@hotmail.com

  3. Love this post about colored denim esp all your ideas on how to wear yellow denim! Check out my new post on colored denim!