Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bohme's owner highlighted at SLCC

Check out this great highlight of one of the owner's here at Bohme!

CTE Student Career Profile: Fernanda Bohme

School of Arts, Communication and New Media: Fashion Institute Program

Fernanda Bohme was first exposed to the Salt Lake Community College Fashion Institute program in her senior year of high school English class during a counselor’s presentation. She attended SLCC and was majoring in music, however she realized it wasn’t her passion. Fernanda always read Vogue magazine and had a love for fashion. A year after graduating high school she decided to apply and enroll in the SLCC Fashion Institute program. She didn’t know exactly what the program was all about, but knew it was up her ally and decided to try it.
Fernanda completed the Fashion Design certificate of completion in one year and graduated in 2004. At SLCC the “teachers were hands-on and have just as much or more experience than any other school,” she said. The SLCC Fashion Institute program is a “hidden gem” and is the best program because of the tuition costs, teachers, smaller class sizes, and variety of classes offered.
Upon graduation she participated in a variety of fashion shows and didn’t do anything in retail. While producing fashion shows she worked as a manager at a law firm until 2007, when her sister Vivian approached her with an idea to open their own boutique. Those ideas lead to reality with opening their first store in 2008, Bohme Boutique, which has grown into five locations and more coming soon.
When they opened there first store they didn’t have any money in the cash register and now they’re a robust and booming company. “It’s almost a good thing to not have a lot of money in the beginning because you’ll make a lot of mistakes,” Fernanda said.
Being from Rio De Janeiro Brazil the Bohme sisters add a little more bling to life through their hip boutique, Bohme (rhymes with Rome). It offers a collection of the latest styles in denim and tops for women. Bohme sets itself apart by offering “smashing outfits for low cost,” Fernanda said.
As the Creative Director and Buyer for Bohme Boutique she loves using all her talents, creative skills and the ability to make decisions. Her advice to students is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to open a business and you can start from nothing and if you’re talented in something you’ll be successful.”
For more information visit the SLCC Fashion Institute or other hands-on training Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs.

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