Friday, February 25, 2011


We are growing fast! New stores in the works as we speak and we are so excited to reach out to more cities ! We will keep you posted as to where we will be popping up soon! :)


  1. Bohme clothes are adorable. I have purchased items at 2 different locations. I was recently given a shirt for my birthday that was too big. It still had all the tags attached. I tried to exchange it at the fashion place location and was turned away because I didn't have the receipt. I'm not a shady person. I wasn't trying to get cash back or rip off your company. I just wanted an exchange that probably would have turned a profit for you. Instead I left unhappy with your customer service and don't think I'll shop there again. :(

  2. Our sincere apology Lindsie! We would be more than happy to have you come back and exchange your item with the tags on. Please go back and we will certainly take care of that for you! We value our customers and are very sad to hear you had a bad experience. We would be very glad to rectify the situation and have you enjoy shopping at Bohme again. Thanks.

  3. I finally made it back in. This time the employees were VERY sweet and helpful. I was able to exchange my shirt and even ended up spending an additional $40. Thank you for taking time to contact me and correct the issue. I really appreciate it!!